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Welcome to Mileage Financial Website

Student Loan

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Apply for a Mileage Financial Student Loan
Studying full- or part-time? Get an online quote and fund your education today to reach your dreams tomorrow.

Just starting or about to graduate? Finance your full or part-time studies by applying online for student loan, or by increasing your limit on an existing student loan. We’ve made it easier for you to get access to study equipment such as laptops/tablets with our new offering. You don’t have to miss your online classes.

Unlock your career potential with a student loan.
Study now and pay later!
If you’re a fulltime student or still busy with your internship or articles, your guarantor (the person who guarantees that your loan will be repaid) only needs to pay the monthly interest on your loan. Once you’ve completed your studies, you will start repaying your loan (capital) and interest.

However, if you’re a part-time student, you will need to pay the monthly interest and capital from the start, during your studies.


Study overseas
Mileage Financial student loan enables you to study abroad at any SAQA approved institution

Instant quote
Get an online quote before finalising your student loan application