Welcome to Mileage Financial Website

Welcome to Mileage Financial Website

Why Mileage Financial

*Dedicated *Understanding *Certainty * Value Added

You Can Always Count On Us

We Understand

We understand your plight and what it means to be in need of cash at some certain period in our lives as humans.

Dedicated Service

This is what sets us apart, our people. You will have a dedicated loan officers that is available to answer your questions and assist you throughout the process.

Certainty of A Decision

We offer fast and secure online application so we can accelerate the credit decision through our proprietary process and provide you with an answer within 24-Hrs.

We give you added value

Our process is paperless, fast and swift.Full end-to-end digital application process. No standing in queues.


How can Mileage Financial help you?

We work tirelessly to provide financial services that will assist in improving your overall Financial Health.

Quick and easy solutions

Have you ever been in a situation where something breaks that you didn’t plan for? Pipe Burst in your home, Appliances Damaged, Car broken down, burst geyser, funeral of a loved one and more. Short term loans are repayable in multiple installments over a short period.

Combine all your smaller loans or accounts into one monthly installment

Not looking forward to the end of the month because of those piles of bills in the mailbox? You now have the option to repay all your expenses such as personal loans, store cards and credit cards under one consolidated loan. Get a Debt consolidation loan is taken out to pay off several other smaller loans.

Contact our call centre on 021 516 0008 or leave your details, and we’ll contact you.